Elier Hernandez

Full-Stack Web Developer

Who am I?

About Me

Full Stack Web Developer currently located in Miami, Florida. My interest in the web started back in 2018 as a designer when I started creating user interfaces and experiences for the web.

I learned development in order to bring my designs to life, and fell in love with it. Now I dedicate myself full time to web development, it's one of my great passions.

















What I do

Front End Development

I build front end interfaces for the web using HTML, CSS, Javascript and React. I also use a variety of libraries and tools depending on the problem I'm trying to solve.

Back End Development

I have experience building backend APIs with user authentication and authorization. I use tools such as Node, Express and Ruby on Rails.

My Work


Featured Project

Pencils and Inks

Pencils and Inks is an e-commerce website that was developed from scratch using React & Next js for the client side and Ruby on Rails for the server API.

The website includes various features such as; products, users, filter settings, a review system with ratings, a shopping cart, and an admin panel for CRUD operations.

Ruby on Rails, React, Postgresql

Featured Project


Webmarks is an online file system that allows users to store folders and urls on the web. The front end for this application was built using React and Material UI.

The back end API was built using Node with Express, and the user authentication was handled with Passport. The project is currently live on the web and can be viewed below.

React, MUI, Express, Mongodb

Featured Project

Portfolio Site

My portfolio was built to showcase projects and information that you might want to know about me. It includes a download link to my CV, as well as a contact link connected to my email.

This website was built with React and Gatsby, using Sass for handling the CSS. The codebase can be viewed by clicking on the Github icon below.

React, Gatsby, Emotion Js

Featured Project

Sunshine Dental

Sunshine dental is a dentistry located in Valencia Shores Blvd. They do teeth cleanings, fillings & crowns, root canals, invisilign and more.

This website was built using React and Gatsby with Styled Components for the CSS. Formik was used to handle the contact form and it is hosted with Netlify.

React, Gatsby, Formik, Netlify

Featured Project

Skyline M. Marketing

Skyline is an advertisement agency located in New York. I worked with them on various projects for multiple clients, including their own main website.

The website was built using React and Gatsby. After the creation of the website, the client experienced a 100%+ increase in leads from their marketing campaigns. It was a huge success.

React, Gatsby, Formik, Netlify

Contact Me

Get in Touch!

If you're interested in working with me, feel free to click the button below and send me a message! You can also just email me at ElierPorto@gmail.com; I look forward to our conversation.

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